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You Call Us

We will give you a verbal estimate telephonically with a price range or actual price for a specific repair or service. You can also e-mail us for any information you may require prior to booking in your device with us.

You Ship

You send in the device or drop it off at our premises. We receive devices from all over South Africa as well as neighbouring countries - so we are not limited to Pretoria/Centurion only. We are company that can be trusted!

We Check

A technician will diagnose all the symptoms the you have described and then formulates the solution needed. We automatically start on repair jobs that total R2000.00 (all inclusive). If the job totals R2001.00 or more you will receive a quote requiring approval before we continue. 

We Fix

If the quote is approved by you, any additional parts needed are sourced and the repair process can begin. All written quotations are valid for 5 business days - so your speedy response to our communication with you makes the process all the more smoother.  

You Pay

Quote approval requires a 50% deposit of the T.R.C (total repair cost) to be paid before the repair slot can be booked in our queue. The balance is required from you once the post-repair testing is completed. We will inform you when your device is ready for collection.

All-Round Happiness

You collect from our premises or we ship the serviced device to your recorded address on our system. The terms and conditions of our warranty is on the rear of the receipt. If the customer is happy - we are happy!

Other Services / Options Offered:
Home Theatre Repairs

We fix the vast majority of major brand audio systems [amplifiers], HD TV's and high-fidelity speakers down to board level. No power, no sound, amp stuck on stand-bye, etc faults. We DO NOT a) replace damaged screens and DO NOT b) repair/replace cones or drivers in speaker boxes, as it is not economically viable.


Our most frequently asked questions can be found on our ABOUT page. You can navigate to it by scrolling above to the header of this home page. 

You can also navigate to Terms of Service for more info. We love to be of assistance!

Card Payments Now Accepted

We have invested in a Yoco card machine that accepts all major VISA & Mastercard debit / credit cards issued by South African banks only. This is in addition to EFT (into our FNB account) and CASH options we already offer to our loyal customers.

Meet Our Experts
Yuri @ Micro Fix

Director & Operator 

The founder and operator of this business. Started off as Quick Flow IT in 2008 and has now morphed into Micro Fix. Handles business management as well as diagnostics and repairs of a multitude of electronics 🙂

Farhaan @ Micro Fix

Inventory Expert

Sources the best parts locally and internationally for all the various repairs that Micro Fix completes on a weekly basis. If he can't find it, consider the device a NO FIX 🙁

Elizabeth @ Micro Fix

Business Support Expert

Handles our back office admin and packages most repaired devices needing to be shipped out to our many satisfied customers. Micro Fix isn't the same without her 🙂

Hashim @ Micro Fix

Smartphone & Tablet Expert

Repairs most of the major brand smartphones and tablets that come in on a daily basis. One of the best all rounders in our industry. Need micro soldering? Yes, the job will be done 🙂     

Years Experience
Devices P/M
Specialized Experts
Satisfied Customers
Our Popular Solutions:

Level 3 Repairs

From a broken charging port on a Power Bank to the rebuild of a damaged circuit on a MacBook Pro, we can fix a large variety of motherboard issues on a plethora of consumer and industrial electronics found on the market today. Let one of our experts help you.

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Game Console Repair

We fix Microsoft Xbox; Sony PlayStation and Nintendo video game consoles. "Not reading discs" / "Overheating" / "Not turning on" / etc. We can also fix issues on faulty game controllers. [PLEASE NOTE, we do not FIX PS2, PS3; Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS; PSP; Xbox 360 or similar older generation consoles.]
Let one of our experts help you.
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Smart Device Repairs

We fix Apple iPhone & iPad; Samsung Galaxy phones & tablets; Huawei phones & tablets plus much more. Glass repairs; screen & battery replacements plus other internal / external parts. Let one of our experts help you. 

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Electronic Repair & Technology Support Services
Your professional, cost effective & friendly tech team.
Right to Repair

An important fight taking place in the USA to allow independent repairers access to the same diagnostic software, tools and equipment that the manufacturer has access to. Hopefully the legislators pass the correct laws that allows SMME's to offer a better service to the public at large. 

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Apple vs Independent Repair

Information that the general public needs to know - Right to Repair is under threat !!!

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Business Accounts

We offer discounts to other repair businesses after 3 paid repairs. If you are a sole proprietor or a repair franchise, we can assist in your bulk repair needs. Click below for a summary of what we can offer you as a wholesale solution.

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So, in summary, we offer:

  • Micro Fix repairs most brands at a 1/3 of the cost to purchase new!

  • Most repaired devices are back in your hands in 2 - 10 business days!

  • iPhone repairs

  • iPad repairs

  • Macbook repairs

  • Laptop repairs

  • Xbox repairs

  • PlayStation repairs

  • Nintendo repairs

  • PCB level repairs (Amplifier & Flat screen TV main-boards; Industrial circuit boards; Floor-standing Speaker PC Boards; etc)

  • Data recovery (from mechanical 3.5 inch/2.5 inch hard drives)

  • Software troubleshooting (Virus & Malware removal; Operating system reloads; Windows admin password removals; etc)

  • Samsung phone & tablet repairs

  • Huawei phone & tablet repairs

  • Micro soldering & BGA rework repair of a variety of electronics. First in SA to reball a Xbox 360 in 2010!

  • Apple iPhone & iPad iCloud Bypass or Unlock