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We will give you a verbal estimate telephonically with a price range or actual price for a specific repair or service. You can also e-mail us for any information you may require prior to booking in your device with us.

You Ship

You send in the device or drop it off at our premises. As a home office, we receive devices from all over South Africa as well as neighbouring countries - so are not limited to Pretoria only. We've been serving the general public for years -- We are a company that can be trusted!

We Check

A technician will diagnose (from R259 upfront charge) all the symptoms the you have described and then formulates the solution needed.Common repairs start at R580.00 (all inclusive). Our diagnostic fee is a deposit that will be absorbed into the quote/final repair cost OR compensation for our time if the device is not fixable. 

We Fix

If the quote is approved by you, any additional parts needed are sourced and the repair process can begin. All written quotations are valid for 5 business days - so your speedy response to our communication with you makes the process all the more smoother.  

You Pay

A customer has two options with payment. 1) You make an EFT payment as quote approval when the go ahead is given to complete a repair. 2) You pay via cash/card when we inform you that your device has been tested post-repair (for walk-in customers).

All-Round Happiness

You collect from our premises or we ship the serviced device to your recorded address on our system. The terms and conditions of our warranty is on the rear of the receipt. If the customer is happy - we are happy!

Important Information / Options Offered:
BMW i-Drive PCB reflow

BGA Reflow & Reball Services

We offer dry solder joint repair services for standalone circuit boards (e.g. i-Drive PCB of a BMW 650i) that require a reflow. If you have a desktop graphics card that does turn on (fan spins inside the tower) but it does not display an image -- a reball service might just be the repair you need. We also reball the integrated GPU/APU on Nintendo Switch; Xbox One and Playstation 4 game consoles. Contact us for more info!



Our most frequently asked questions can be found on our ABOUT page. You can navigate to it by scrolling above to the header of this home page. 

You can also navigate to Terms & Condions for more info. We love to be of assistance!

Pay by debit or credit card

Card Payments For Walk-In's

We have invested in a card machine that accepts all major VISA / Mastercard debit & credit cards issued by South African banks only. This is in addition to EFT and CASH options we already offer to our loyal customers. A 4% surcharge applies!

Meet Our Experts
Yuri @ Micro Fix

Director & Operator 

The founder and operator of this business. When not handling business admin; sourcing parts or updating the website -- fixes gaming consoles and general repair of a plethora of other electronics with a 🙂

pc tech 2
Computer Tech's @ Micro Fix

Diagnostics & Rework Experts

Fixes laptops, MacBooks and iMac devices. Experienced in part replacement & component level repair with great work produced on a weekly basis.

general tech 2
General Tech's @ Micro Fix

Diagnostics & Soldering Experts

Fixes PC Boards, amplifiers and flat-panel televisions. Lots of experience in part replacement & component level repair of both industrial & consumer electronics.

mobile tech 2
Mobile Tech's @ Micro Fix

Glass refurbisher & Micro Electronic Experts

Fixes Android / Apple smartphones & tablets. Glass repairs, part replacement & component level repair are completed at a high level on a weekly basis     

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Our Popular Solutions:

Apple Device Repairs

From a trackpad not wanting to work on your MacBook to a smashed screen on your iPhone 11, we can assist with many problems experienced on this platform. Let one of our experts help you.

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VGC repairs

Game Console Repair

We work on Microsoft Xbox One; Sony PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite game consoles. Let one of our experts help you.
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Android Device Repairs

We fix many Samsung, Huawei and other brand smartphones and tablets. Glass repairs; screen & battery replacements plus other internal / external issues. Let one of our experts help you. 

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Our clients include: 
Device end users; retail stores, electronic product distributors; sole propiators; etc.
Right to Repair

An important fight taking place in the USA to allow independent repairers access to the same diagnostic software, tools and equipment that the manufacturer has access to. Hopefully the legislators pass the correct laws that allows SMME's to offer a better service to the public at large. This will be a game-changer for "unauthorised" repair globally.

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Diagnostics Demo

For the sake of transparency, this is not our video (we do not make our own YouTube videos yet), but this is an example of the step-by-step approach we undertake when bench testing your device at Micro Fix. Which is why we no longer offer free written quotes --- We cannot perform miracles BUT we can offer help for many of the problems faced by a device owner when it malfunctions at a competitive price.

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Business Accounts

We offer discounts to other repair businesses after 2 paid repairs. If you are a sole proprietor, repair shop, franchise or a reseller, we can assist in your bulk repair needs. We assist many high street retailers and online stores with their refurbishment needs. Click below for a summary of what we can offer you as a wholesale solution.

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There are three types of jobs. Good, fast, and cheap... We always say you can pick two. If it's good and fast... It won't be cheap... If it's good and cheap... It won't be fast... And if it's cheap and fast it won't be good. WE'RE GOOD!

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