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Who We Are

Micro Fix is a major player in the independant electronic repair community. We pride ourselves in sourcing quality parts and offering a good turnaround time that equals overall customer satisfaction. 

How We Operate

We insist on the best service engineers and customer care staff who are multi-skilled in a variety of electronics with the necessary training to a professional high level of expertise. So please be rest assured that you, the customer, are in good hands from beginning to end.

Our Services

Our service includes: component level repair or part replacement; liquid damage data recovery and software glitch repairs; to name but a few. Contact us today for a possible solution to your electronic equipment problem.

Our Features
Solution Based Billing!!

We take the symptoms you the customer have reported and our technical support staff use a step-by-step methodology to offer you a robust solution for a long-lasting repaired device. Compared to the manufacturer's locally authorised repair partner, we offer fair pricing and an actual repair (not a motherboard or device swap-out for a high fee) of what customers send to us. We cannot save them all BUT we do our best for each device that arrive on our workbenches.

OEM Parts!!

Where OEM original parts are supplied and fitted, expect us to offer you a 90-day warranty for piece of mind usage of your technology post-repair.

If we do not have stock of the replacement part, we will use our extensive network of local and international suppliers to get it in and complete the repair. From time-to-time a customer requests a generic part to be supplied and fitted -- we accomodate those repairs too, so do not hesitate to ask.

After Sales Service!!

On the odd occasion, there will be a technical issue that crops up within the warranty period. If it is a return of the fault originally repaired (e.g. no backlight again), then we will have the problem attended to in an expidited manner. If the warranty period has expired, we will offer a discounted solution on a case-by-case basis. Our return rate is fairly low (currently 5% per annum) and we are fully compliant with the guidelines in the CPA of South Africa.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions?
How do I go about understanding your policies in regards to charges, and how do I send a device to you?
We place an emphasis on quality workmanship and our pricing reflects that. We charge a diagnostic fee upfront, which is absorbed into the final quote you receive from us. If you do not wish the repair to be done once we've sent you a written quote or the device ends up not to be fixable, then the diagnostic fee is a compensation for our time in troubleshooting that particular unit. To send your device to us, please contact us on support@micro-fix.co.za for further instructions. 
What electronics do you repair?
We repair a multitude of electronics which include gaming consoles; laptop's; smartphones and PC boards. We do not service appliances (NO stoves; microwaves; fridges; extractors; etc.) -- we do repair flat panel televisions and home theatre equipment though. E-mail us for more info!

Why fair diagnostics prices win over "Free Quotes"
Our strip down and diagnostic charge = proper service at a competitive price. If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

In the majority of cases, our repairs are successful - in part - because we are good at what we do, and also because we are upfront with customers about the chances of success, and what can and cannot be fixed.

However, we cannot always tell if something is repairable simply by looking at it, and it does happen that some things are impossible, impractical (e.g. non-availability of parts) or simply uneconomical to fix (particularly in the last case, the customer decides not to proceed with the repair). In such cases, you do not pay the full repair charge -- only the moderate diagnostics fee. This is from R280,00* at the time of writing, which is only a fraction of the typical total repair cost -- and covers the technician's time and overheads involved in diagnosing a device.

Note that:
+You will not be charged for the quick check-over we give all tablets; smartphones and PCs, etc. before they are booked in. It is only if, and when, our technicians have them on the bench for further inspection; disassembly; etc -- then the inspection fee applies.
+This is included in the cost of the repair if your device is successfully fixed (i.e. you don't pay extra).
+We will always keep you informed about charges -- if we need you to approve anything, we will contact you first to confirm it before we continue.

(*) this is subject to change but you, the customer, will always be kept informed of any changes 
How long will it take to get my device repaired and back to me?
First things first, we are not a "repair while you wait" glass counter-top shop. We believe in and stand by quality workmanship.

If a customer requires same-day assessment and quote, a non-refundable bench fee will be charged -- if accepted, the job will be completed the next business day.
If a customer requires a 2-hour turnaround time for a phone screen or battery replacement, then a rush fee applies.

Please note that we do not repair any bug or waste-infested devices!!!

Micro Fix requires 5-10 business days to evaluate a unit sent in for repair, which is the time it enters the queue and gets a slot on the workbench with an assigned service engineer. Once evaluated, if the unit does not require parts to be ordered, it may be completed on the workbench in 1-2 business days.

You, the customer, will receive an update via e-mail, text or telephone. We respectfully ask that you do not call us several times a day for an update -- there are only so many hours in a working day, and we have a system in place to process our service queue. 

"I bought my device 2nd hand." "Why is the repair so expensive?"
If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

If we quote a solution for your problem, it is governed by the current price of parts and our rates applicable at the time of repair. In general, repair costs a 1/3 of the RRP (Recommended Retail Cost). For example, an LG 55" UHD Smart LED TV (model 55UN7100PVA.AFB) costs R8999.00 at a retail store. So an expected repair total bill would be R2999 if you factor in new spares, labour cost and our guarantee. 

Total repair cost that is too low should make a customer worry. Are inferior parts being used? Do the repair personnel know what they're doing? Where is the written warranty? These are the factors that should be taken into consideration before you book in your valuable electronics for potential repair work to be done.

In regards to the original concern, just because your device was purchased off the used market does not mean that you can get a cheap fix done. Micro Fix sources and stocks factory new replacement parts for all the electronics we service. Our prices are competitive and repair industry relevant - thats our guarantee! 
Does Micro Fix work on units that others have "looked at", or said after looking at it, "they can't get parts", or were unsuccessful at repairing?
This is evaluated once we've booked in the device in question. We charge an upfront diagnostic fee (R280 - R680 device type dependent). There are a lot of 'butchers' out there and we cannot let our time be wasted with units that have very little chance of being fixed. So to answer the question, YES we do accept a unit that has been "looked at" by another repair shop but our evaluation is not free. If we can fix it, the work carried out will not be guaranteed.

The threshold for any repair with Micro Fix is 55% of the RRP (recommended retail price) for a new unit. Should the repair cost go beyond this limit, we will stop the work and produce a letter for you to give your insurance company for them to process a claim. Our ethos is economical repair solutions for all our customers!
Do you factory reset an Apple product when you repair it?

Depends! If we need to reinstall the Operating System during the course of a repair, you the customer, will be contacted for approval before we proceed. For normal screen replacement, battery replacement and board-level repair it is not required for a technician to reset an Apple device. If the device arrives here in DFU mode, and a software recovery does not work - it will most likely have corrupted data on it and there'll be no way to recover user data in these circumstances. Please ensure you have an iCloud data backup prior to booking in your Apple electronic device for piece of mind. Come and experience the Micro Fix difference!!

Can you only inspect my device and let me know whats wrong with it?
We ordinarily do not offer inspection only for devices that are brought in. If we give you a quote on a repair or data recovery service, then we expect to be able to complete the service on your device.

However, in the event event that you feel that you can (a) source the parts for your device and do the job yourself OR (b) use our diagnostics service to get a cheaper repair elsewhere THEN our inspection fee will apply.

This inspection fee is also applicable for when a customer requires an assessment to make a claim with their insurance company.
Do you offer business-to-business wholesale discounts?
We sure do! Send an e-mail to ybm@micro-fix.co.za for more information.
What kind of warranty do you provide with your parts and labour services?
We offer a 90-day warranty on any repair where we have installed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts AND the device is not a prior repair attempt before being booked in with us. Future physical damage is excluded. Further terms and conditions can be found on the rear of our receipt once your repaired device has been collected.

You are welcome to peruse the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) of South Africa to understand what we as service provider can offer you the consumer. Link: CPA of the Republic of South Africa
What if I don't pay for the repair?
All invoices must be paid within 30 days, otherwise the device is forfeited. Micro Fix will make multiple attempts at collection within this time period.

We accept cash, EFT, direct deposit or debit and credit cards as valid forms of payment in ZAR (South African Rand) only. Thank you for reading our FAQ!
Our terms and conditions of usage
We reserve the right to update and/or amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time and without any notice, and you are accordingly encouraged to check the Website regularly. Navigate to our terms of service page for the latest information. If you use this Website after such updated or amended Terms and Conditions have been displayed on this Website, you will be deemed to have accepted such updates or amendments.
Andre Mulder

Middle Management

 Micro Fix has always been a great help for our IT department in fixing many hardware issues we had to wait for weeks with the official supply chain to sort out. Which is why I can heartily recommend their services to anyone!

Ben Gordon

GP (Doctor)

 Did a Google search and found these guys. They fixed my iPhone X in two days because they had a screen but not a replacement battery that particular day. I waited a bit and got a good price for the complete repair. They are life savers!

Alice Cooper


 I'm not the most technically gifted in the world but they made me feel at ease and managed to fix my Lenovo laptop quickly so that I could back to finishing assignments due for college. Two thumbs up from me!