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Who We Are

A small business with big ambitions in the tech sector. We are constantly evolving as the industry moves and shakes. We invest in the right equipment and hire the right fit for our company - Every technician service a variety of electronics 6 days a week excluding public and religious holidays!

How We Operate

We believe in treating every customer as a valued human being. We treat every device we receive as if it’s our own - with the utmost care! Micro Fix exists to serve others by listening to customers’ needs and responding with a sense of urgency that meets those needs through personal engagement, quality repairs, thorough testing, and clear communication.

Our Core Values

Teamwork makes the dream work! We realize that we can take care of our customers much better when we all work together, and you can feel the effects of our teamwork from your very first interaction with us. Our passion for serving people combined with our desire to help others save money is seen throughout the products and services that we offer.

Our Features
Solution Based Billing!!

We take the symptoms you the customer have reported and our engineers and technicians go step-by-step to not only "sort of" fix the problem but to find a robust solution for a long-lasting repaired device. Genuine parts; excellent tools & equipment BUT most importantly, years of expertise is used to ensure a satisfactory outcome for each and every invoice paid for our services.  

Trust Our Experience!!

We have experienced pro's with years of know-how in this industry assisting many customers year in and year out. We are not the "if it cannot be fixed in a hour throw it out into the trash" repair outfit. Regular repairs take a few hours but we from time to time will have devices here for 4-6 weeks as we wait for spares or will "fight with a stubborn motherboard" to give back a fully working unit. However, we will also advise you if a repair is simply not worthwhile and will offer to rather recycle it.

Great Warranty!!

We offer a 90 day warranty on most repairs, as the Consumer Protection Act of South Africa stipulates as a guideline for the local repair industry. If it is outside of the warranty we will likely still offer a discount on the new repair. Our warranty covers parts used and workmanship. It does not cover physical damage (full terms on our receipt accompanying your serviced device). Come and try the Micro Fix difference!

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What Clients are Saying
FAQ - frequently asked questions?
How do I send in a repair if I'm not in Pretoria?

The easiest way to send us a small parcel (2kg or less) is PostNet 2 PostNet shipping (R99 excluding VAT).  This will cover smartphones, smart watches and a Nintendo Switch needing repair.


For larger items, a higher shipping fee will apply!

Please e-mail us for shipping details and the form that must accompany your faulty device.

What electronics do you repair?
We repair most popular consumer electronic devices which include Apple; Samsung; Huawei; Lenovo; Asus; PlayStation and Xbox to name but a few. We also repair home audio/video amplifiers, industrial electronics (e.g. inverter circuit boards) and other equipment. The best is to e-mail us for more info
Why fair diagnostic prices win over "FREE QUOTES"

Our strip down and diagnostic charge = proper service at a fair price.

In the majority of cases, our repairs are successful - in part because we're good at what we do, and also because we're upfront with customers about the chances of success, and what can and can't be fixed.

However, we can't always tell if something is repairable simply by looking at it, and it does sometimes happen that some things are impossible, impractical (e.g. non-availability of parts) or simply uneconomic to fix (particularly in the last case, the customer themselves might also dececide not to proceed with the repair).

In such cases, you don't pay the full repair charge -- only charge a moderate diagnostics/strip down fee. This is R250* at the time of writing - typically only a fraction of the repair charge -- and covers the technician's time and overheads involved in diagnosing your device.

Note that:

-You won't be charged for the quick check-over we give all tablets, smartphones, computers, etc. before they're booked in. It's only if -- and when -- our technicians have them on the bench for further inspection, disassembly, etc. that this applies.

-This is included in the cost of the repair if your device is successfully fixed -- i.e. you don't pay any extra.

-We'll always keep you informed about charges including this one -- if we need you to approve anything, we'll contact you first to confirm.

(*) this is subject to change, but you'll always be kept informed of any possible charges beforehand. 

How long will it take to get my device repaired and back to me?

First things first, we're not a "repair-while-you-wait" glass counter shop. We believe in and stand by quality workmanship. If you the customer requires a same-day quote, then we charge a non-refundable R300 bench fee - if accepted we will complete the repair the following business day. If you need a 2 hour turnaround time (phone screen or battery replacement) then our rush repair fee will apply! 


Please note that we do not repair bug-infested devices or devices that are have waste inside (human in origin or otherwise...)


For other repairs, we give a 2-5 business days turnaround time assuming we have parts in-stock or can get it in the same week the device is booked in with us. For regular repairs, expect diagnostics to be done within a business day of drop off. Expect board level diagnostics to take longer due to complexity (normally 7 - 10 business days).


Most repairs are completed within 5 business days of customer approval (if parts need to be ordered, please allow time for the parts to arrive).

You, the customer, will get an update from us via e-mail, text or via telephone. We respectfully ask that you do not call us several times a day for an update - there are only so many hours in the day and we have a system in place to process our device service queue.  

No Fix / No Fee policy

No fix, no fee is an interesting proposition. How much time are they actually going to spend investigating your device to repair it?

It's a great selling point (NO FIX/NO FEE), and many of our rivals offer it. You might think it's in our own interests to justify why we don't have it as a blanket policy ... but let us try to explain what our approach is.

Take an iPad 5 repair we carried out recently, on behalf of another company. This seemed to be completely dead when they got it, and they diagnosed it as a power related issue. They changed the battery and the dock connector... when neither of those turned out to be the problem, that was as far as they went.

Following this, we were contracted to see if we could get it fixed on their behalf. We spent a bit longer on it, determined that the fault was related to a damaged chip on the motherboard (the one that controls charging and USB), and had it back in working order. This was at our NO FIX/NO FEE board repair charge. 

In almost any other case, the iPad would've been returned to the customer as an "unfixable" write-off after the original checks by the average repair company. Full diagnosis takes the right equipment; experience and attitude to solve the problem. 

That is what we have at Micro Fix!

Can you only inspect my device and let me know what is wrong with it?

We ordinarily do not offer inspection only for devices.  If we give you a quote on a repair or data recovery service, then we expect to be able to complete the service on your device.  


However, in the event that you feel that you can source parts for your device and can do the job yourself, then our inspection fee of R250 will apply. 


The inspection is also applicable for when a customer needs an assessment report for an insurance claim!

Are you an authorized repair centre?

NO! To be a certified warranty repair centre, to the point that repairs are 100% officially covered under the manufacturer warranty -- the repair centre must buy their parts directly from the manufacturers supply chain and sign a long-term contract too. This gives the manufacturer the bargaining power in setting prices for parts and labour fees which makes repairs unnecessarily expensive. Essentially, it's the dealer franchise model.


We buy our parts from legitimate sources that cater for independent repair companies such as ourselves. We order both factory original and next best manufacturer-compatible spares which include components for board level repairs. Which is why we can compete in favourable terms with local authorized repair centres and often offer additional services that they can't because of the limits of the signed agreement with the manufacturer which they work under. However, we do recommend you go to an authorized repair outlet when your device is still under its original warranty. We work in the OOW (out of warranty) space and offer our own warranties.

Company XYZ offers an iPad Pro 12.9" Screen Repair @ Rxxxx. Do you price-match?

Our prices are are mostly governed by the Rand/Dollar exchange rate (you are welcome to check on eBay / Amazon for OEM quality spares pricing). 

We keep an eye on the pricing average of the local market to remain competitive but we do not get involved in a "race towards the bottom" by price-matching with a particular competitor. In general, we are 10-40% cheaper compared to established repair centres dotted around Pretoria / Johannesburg.


If you find a shop that can do an iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement for R950.00 (part & labour), it's most likely a low-grade screen. Also many competitors claim to do repairs within an hour or less.


We offer high tier A+ grade or Original parts in all our repairs and do not aim to be the cheapest deal in town. We also offer realistic turnaround times as we value workmanship and returning a device in a "like new" condition. 

Also, be cautious of a 2 year or lifetime repair warranty in local ads. The suppliers offer at most a 12 month warranty, and if you purchase in bulk (like we do) the stock often ages beyond the warranty that is given by the supplier. 

We settle for the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) guideline of a 3 month repair warranty and a 6 month guarantee for used/refurbished device sales.

Always expect quality solutions with a competitive price @ Micro Fix!

What is the warranty policy?

Our warranty is governed by the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) of South Africa. It states that a registered repair business should offer the South African consumer a 90 day (3 month) warranty which covers the fault diagnosed and the fee paid. Should the fault repaired crop up again within the 90 day period, then the recourse is for it to be fixed again at no cost to the customer. If it cannot be successfully re-repaired then the customer is due a refund of the repair fee. 


Our warranty policy is to cover OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts & labour repairs with a 90 day (3 month) warranty. Any generic (manufacturer compatible) parts & labour repair carry a 45 day (1 1/2 month) warranty.


Any cosmetic or software repairs (front glass for a tablet; back glass for a smartphone; hinge damage repair for a laptop; frame damage repair on an iPhone/iPad; OS Reloads; Spyware & Virus Removal and/or data recovery) carry NO warranty as its deemed a tune-up service.  


Our warranty will be voided if someone else repairs the device, or it is damaged after we have repaired it. Device damage that will void our warranty includes dents; cracks; burns; deep scratches; liquid damage; electrical surge; viruses and malware. Full terms will be on the rear of the receipt you receive with the serviced device.

I see that you offer motherboard repairs. Can you explain the process?

We can fix a large variety of motherboards or daughter-boards (smaller circuit boards) if the on-board components can be sourced to complete the repair.


We do it on a flat-rate basis which compromises the average man-hours and parts needed to fix it.  For small jobs, expect a price range of R280 - R1080. For complex jobs expect a price of R1599 and up. Depending on the complexity of the repair needed, we can spend anything from 90 mins to 15 hours on troubleshooting a particular circuit board to formulate a solution for it. At R750 per hour standard labour rate, you can see that you're only paying a fraction of the true value of the workmanship received. Some of the best technician's and engineers in the industry are involved in ensuring that you get a repair that lasts.


However, at times we do receive a motherboard that doesn't respond to a repair attempt. Usually because of damage in the inner layers (substrate) of the circuit board. In these cases we will deem it a NO FIX and you are not liable for a bench fee.


If after the device is disassembled, we notice a prior repair attempt by someone else, depending on the damage, we will make a judgement call before we commence. If we do proceed, please note that a non-refundable R350 deposit (repair attempt fee) will be invoiced as compensation for our time. 

What if I don't pay for the repair?

All invoices must be paid within 30 days, otherwise, you forfeit your device. We will make multiple attempts at collection within those 30 days.

We accept cash, EFT or direct deposit into our FNB account AND card transactions as valid forms of payment.

We registered with Yoco to accept all major debit and credit cards (valid SA bank issued VISA or Mastercard cards only)

Thank you for reading our FAQ!

Andre Mulder

Middle Management

 Micro Fix has always been a great help for our IT department in fixing many hardware issues we had to wait for weeks with the official supply chain to sort out. Which is why I can heartily recommend their services to anyone!

Ben Gordon

GP (Doctor)

 Did a Google search and found these guys. They fixed my iPhone X in two days because they had a screen but not a replacement battery that particular day. I waited a bit and got a good price for the complete repair. They are life savers!

Alice Cooper


 I'm not the most technically gifted in the world but they made me feel at ease and managed to fix my Lenovo laptop quickly so that I could back to finishing assignments due for college. Two thumbs up from me!