Professional laptop (and the odd desktop) repair @ Micro Fix. We serve walk-in, mail-in and trade customers!

We provide efficient diagnostics and repair of many models such as HP, Asus, Lenovo, Dell or Acer to name just a few. We can replace keyboards, faulty charging jacks, faulty LCD screens, reinstall the operating system and/or transfer data plus complete component level repair for your beloved machine. 

We have a good local parts supply chain for most computers and laptops but we do limit ourselves to machines that are 5 years old or newer so that we can assist you as best we can. Older machines are best to be serviced by refurbishers (Google is your friend in this regard).

When it comes to your laptop or desktop PC needing a quotation -- we do charge a R300 diagnostics fee to troubleshoot the unit and give you the TRC (Total Repair Cost) that is applicable.