Business Accounts (for our trade customers)

We offer discounts to other repair businesses after 3 paid repairs.  Please send us an e-mail to the business owner and make sure you enter your website and use your business email address to get started.

First 3 repairs: No Discount

4th through 15th repairs: 10% off

16th through 30th repairs: 20% off

30+ repairs: 30% off

Note: All discounts reset at the beginning of the calendar year.  Non-repaired devices do not count towards the total.

Benefits: All business account repairs are processed first.  Usually 3-10 business days for common repairs.  Devices are shipped immediately after the repair has been completed and proof of payment has been received.  Phone and e-mail support with the designated contact person.

While we encourage B2B services, we hold repair shops to a higher standard than end-user mail-ins and as such in order to provide discounted rates we work with the following guidelines:
(a) Pre-diagnosed the issue to be a board level problem with guaranteed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components in our repairs
(b) For bulk part replacement repair needs. Minimum of 10 devices to be booked in. Screen replacement; battery replacement; etc 
(c) Priority slot in our repair queue. However, if we provide a written quote, you receive the quote and opt to not receive a repair, there is a fee of R179.00
Allowing for adequate time to repair devices. Normal TAT (Turnaround Time) of a calendar week to a month depending on the volume booked in.
Understanding if we do not have a password to test device, we cannot confirm repairs thoroughly, which may result in additional charges for any re-work repairs
Disclose any previous repairs [we accept units that have had removable parts replaced, e.g. battery, but a prior botched board level repair not. A broken off connector is fine BUT if the board was reflowed; its bent or too many components are burnt / blown we will NOT repair it.]
Provide ticket number with shipment(s) [We will append it to our internal job numbering system]
Assume all responsibility for disassembly and reassembly [we are not liable for any missing screws or the physical condition of the device - we return the device as we receive it] 
Assume all support for end customer [communicate warranty period with your customer. all non-prior repair attempt/non-liquid damaged units carry a 90-day diagnosed fault warranty] 
Timely payments of open invoices after repair [once all repaired units have been invoiced, a standard 30 day payment period is applicable]
Not disclosing our contact information to the end customer