Business Accounts

We offer discounts to other repair businesses after 3 paid repairs.  Please send us an e-mail to the business owner and make sure you enter your website and use your business email address to get started.

First 3 repairs: No Discount

4th through 15th repairs: 10% off

16th through 30th repairs: 20% off

30+ repairs: 30% off

Note: All discounts reset at the beginning of the calendar year.  Non-repaired devices do not count towards the total.

Benefits: All business account repairs are processed first.  Usually 2-10 business days.  Devices are shipped immediately after the repair has been completed.  Phone and e-mail support.

While we encourage B2B services, we hold repair shops to a higher standard than end-user mail-ins and as such in order to provide discounted rates we work with the following guidelines:
Pre-diagnosed the issue to be a board level problem
If an iPad is sent fully assembled we may charge a fee for disassembly (R375)
Allowing for adequate time to repair devices
Understanding if we do not have a password to test device, we cannot confirm repairs thoroughly, which may result in additional charges for any re-work repairs
Disclose any previous repairs
Provide ticket number with shipment(s)
Assume all responsibility for disassembly and reassembly
Assume all support for end customer
Timely payments of open invoices after repair
Not disclosing our contact information to the end customer