When we started in 2008 as Quick Flow IT, we specialized in video game console and PC repairs. We have years of experience in this facet of the electronic maintenance industry. We now repair much more in regards to electronics, but have stayed true to our roots and service current generation Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles.

As soon as Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 spare parts become available then we will offer services for that platform. 

Everything from part replacement (e.g. Blu-Ray laser or internal power supply) to component level repair (e.g. HDMI port replacement or video encoder IC repair). Micro Fix have a flat-rate pricing policy for part replacement depending on the specific part needed and model of game console that you have. We service walk-in, mail-in and trade customers!

For other issues, upon booking in a device - please note that you need to pay a R200 diagnostic fee for us to troubleshoot your unit and supply a written quote for your approval.
  • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite
  • Sony PlayStation 4