• Xbox 360 Repair = NO LONGER SUPPORTED
  • PlayStation 3 Repair = NO LONGER SUPPORTED
  • Xbox ONE Repair = from R850
  • PlayStation 4 Repair = from R1450
  • Nintendo Switch "Joy-Con Drift" Repair = R820
  • Nintendo Switch "Charging Problem" USB-C Port Repair = R1680
  • Nintendo Switch "Overheating Error Message" GPU Repair = R2180 
  • Xbox & PlayStation HDMI Port / HDMI Encoder / GPU or APU Reball = from R1180
  • Xbox ONE & PlayStation 4 controller repairs are = R550 - R750 
  • Above prices are based upon OEM {Original Equipment Manufacturer} part(s) PLUS labour = ALL INCLUSIVE
Please note that we repair most faults on the Microsoft Xbox; Sony PlayStation and Nintendo video game console platforms.

We ask that you DO NOT SHIP CABLES or DOCKS (CONTROLLERS ARE FINE)! We have everything else needed to test your console and you're only risking items getting lost.

If you are shipping your controller for repair, in the case of the PlayStation or Xbox, just the controller is needed. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, we will need the console (screen unit) as well to test and calibrate the fixed Joy-Con controller post-repair.

We do not repair bug-infested consoles under any circumstances. Dust and grime inside the console is fine.

Lastly, when we replace the internal power supply of your Xbox or PlayStation we can only offer a 60-day guarantee as it's a wear and tear item subject to the fluctuations of the electrical grid and the condition of your household wiring. We can no longer replace countless power supplies under a long warranty for our customer base.