“Strip down” Fee (will be levied if quote is not accepted) = R100.00

Evaluation / Inspection Fee (For devices that are D.O.A “Dead On Arrival” or liquid damaged) R300.00

Repair Attempt Fee (motherboards that have evidence of a prior repair attempt) = R330.00

Standard Hourly Labour Rate = R550.00

2-Hour “Rush Repair” Fee (for iPhone screen replacements only) = R630.00

Computer repairs (laptops; MacBook; desktops; etc): 
per 20 minutes = R250.00
per hour = R750.00

Consumer electronic repairs (phones; tablets; game consoles; etc):
per 20 minutes = R350.00
per hour = R1050.00

Circuit board repairs (through-hole; SMT and BGA components on a motherboard):
per 20 minutes = R450.00
per hour = R1350.00

Please note, that we do not offer a "while-you-wait" repair service. Once the device is booked-in, analyzed and the work commences - you the customer will receive a quote with the final cost. 

We automatically invoice repairs with a TRC (total repair cost) of R1000.00 or less.

Depending on our workload expect a minimum of a next-day turnaround time to a maximum of 6 weeks at our premises depending on availability of parts in our inventory; waiting for a shipment of replacement parts from suppliers and/or staff being on leave. We make use of both on-site technicians as well as sub-contractors at off-site facilities to fulfill our servicing needs.

Final cost comprises the above labour rates and the cost of the parts replaced/repaired. Make sure you're informed on the current new cost of your particular device because we work within the parameters of 25 - 50% of the cost of a new device. The flat-rate prices mentioned in other parts of the website are for common repairs such as a screen replacement on an iPhone for example.

Micro Fix will not commence work on a device until contact has been made with the customer and an agreement has been reached regarding fees and services that need to be carried out. All agreed fees are to be paid for on collection, excepting the Diagnostic Fee, which are to be paid upfront when the device is checked in, which are R300 for DOA (Dead on Arrival) devices. These upfront fees will be absorbed in the final cost of the repair if the device is fixable and the customer decides to have it fixed by us. If a written quote we create is declined, we charge a “Strip Down” Fee of R100 so as to reassemble your device and return it to you in its pre-repair state. This fee needs to be settled upon collection or before the device is shipped back to you for “out of town” customers. 

We do not accept aged (vintage) devices for diagnosis or repair so please contact us before sending in a particular device needing service.