Do you need another device or standalone circuit board to be repaired? You have come to the right place because we service a plethora of electronics on a weekly basis at Micro Fix. Please note that we do not fix appliances (fridges; microwaves; stoves; etc).

We do not profess to fix everything under the sun but we do fix odds and end to help you recover from a mishap such as breaking off the USB connector on your printer whilst cleaning it. Send an e-mail to for more information. 
  • Amplifier repairs (stereo or home theater amplifiers)
  • TV repairs (HD-Ready, Full HD or UHD/4K flat-panel televisions)
  • Standalone PC Boards (an inverter PCB; power supply board; general circuit board; etc)
  • USB Connector (broken off connector on a Bluetooth speaker; Power Bank; etc)
  • Speaker systems (floor-standing speakers; speaker dock; 2.1 sound system; etc)
TV repair: Please note that we do not replace broken screens as it is not economically viable. The cost to repair a TV screen can be significantly more than the cost of buying a new TV. 

For example, the price of your average Samsung 40-inch LED TV is about R6999.00, yet the typical cost of a replacement display for this model is about R5500. This price is only for the replacement part and does not cover diagnostic costs, labour costs, or travel and shipping fees.

We'd rather repair other issues on your TV. They are listed as follows:

  • TV powers on and has sound but no picture
  • TV does not power on
  • No display, vertical lines, no sound
  • No signal from inputs
  • Etc.
These problems could have more than one possible source which is why it's best that the TV is booked in for diagnostics to narrow down the exact problem. Our diagnostic fee is R500.00 -- TV's are repaired by replacing faulty components in a step-by-step process.
When it comes to amplifier and large speaker repairs, we require a diagnostics fee of R500 upon book in for us to troubleshoot the unit and supply a written quote for approval.

We also repair standalone PC Boards, headphones and other electronics as long as the needed components are not proprietary (unique and not easily sourced on the open market). We require a diagnostics fee of R100 to troubleshoot the unit and supply a written quote for approval.

We repair a wide range of electronics (we are not just a cellphone repair centre) for walk-in and trade customers both in Pretoria and surrounds, as well as receiving devices from big cities and smaller towns from the various parts of South Africa. We get the odd customer that ships in from Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mozambique too