If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

We fix a number of issues on iPhone; iPad; MacBook; iMac and Apple Watch devices. We serve walk-in, mail-in and trade customers!

Everything from glass repairs; screen & battery replacements; small part replacement (incl. front or rear camera) plus component level repair (ie. motherboard problems such as not turning on or no backlight). In regards to iDevice's with motherboard issues, our repairs start @ R1599.00

We are not a glass counter-top store that advertise 1 hour repairs while you do your shopping. You book in your device, and depending on the specific queue of that day or stock in our inventory, we will accomodate your repair as best as we can. 

Micro Fix has a flat-rate pricing policy for part replacement depending on the specific part needed and model of device that you have. For other issues, upon booking your device - a R580 Apple device diagnostic fee will be charged for us to troubleshoot your unit and supply a written quote for your approval. 

  • Apple iPhone (model 7 and up)
  • Apple iPad (iPadOS compatible models -- iPad Mini 4; iPad 5th gen; iPad Air 3rd gen etc.)
  • MacBook Air & Pro (model year 2014 and up)
  • iMac (model year 2014 and up)
  • Apple Watch (1st gen 38mm and up -- screen and battery replacement only)
If your iPhone screen has a cracked display but the screen still turns on and touch works fine, then we can do a glass only repair for select models (iPhone 7, 8, X, etc). Pricing starts @ R1090.00
If your iPhone has a damaged screen with blotches on the display or a bad image from a fall, then it's best to have a screen replacement done. Factory original (OEM) or generic (Grade-A) screens can be sourced and installed for you. Pricing starts @ R1590.00 
damaged iphone screen