Circuit board (motherboard) repair is what is known in the maintenance industry as “open-ended” work.

We no longer do all the repairs needed and then send the customer a quote only for it to be declined – motherboard repair isn’t taking out a part and fitting in a new one as with standard repetitive repairs.



A technician needs to do full troubleshooting (multimeter, LCR meter, oscilloscope and FLIR thermal scans to find the faulty component or series of components on the motherboard) then replace the component(s) with soldering/hot-air or BGA rework equipment. This allows a repair shop to see if it’s repairable or not.


We’ve now averaged out the prices for the various devices we service and offer you the customer a flat-rate fee on a NO FIX/NO FEE basis. NO fix / NO fee means if we cannot fix the motherboard then you do not pay a bench fee as compensation for our time. However, you will be invoiced for return shipping should you not reside in Pretoria.


This is a fairly unique service offering in Pretoria, let alone South Africa. Do not hesitate to send us your faulty device for prompt & friendly service.


What symptoms are covered by this service?

No Power or Not Turning On 
No Green Light 
Not Charging the Battery 
Water / Liquid Damage (only minor corrosion is repairable)
Back-light or LCD Problems 
Keyboard or Track-pad Problems 
WiFi Issues (on-board WiFi components only)

And more…

  • Laptop Board Repair from R995.00
  • Samsung Galaxy phone Board Repair from R1195.00
  • Huawei phone Board Repair from R1095.00
  • Microsoft Xbox One Board Repair from R1495.00
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Board Repair from R1595.00
  • Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus Board Repair from = R1695.00
  • Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus Board Repair fromR1895.00
  • Apple iPhone X & Up Board Repair from R2095.00
  • Apple MacBook Board Repair (MacBook or Air models) = R3095.00
  • Apple MacBook Board Repair (Pro models) = R3795.00


We do not service boards with prior work.

We do not work on boards that have been already worked on. If sending in a board that has had prior work, please contact us first to see if an exception can be made in your case. If you are another repair store, worked on it yourself prior to sending it here, destroyed it, we politely ask that you do not contact us in advance. Our no fix / no fee model for circuit board repairs is no longer open to the abuse we’ve suffered in the past by certain unscrupulous types who send us trashed boards that hold up our repair queue for weeks on end. With the newer electronic equipment, if the motherboard is beyond repair then its valuable encrypted data is gone with it. Thank you for understanding!



We do not accept board-only repairs.


We only work on devices when the full machine is sent – we do not work on board only repairs where the motherboard is sent by itself.


If you are another repair shop sending us iPad’s for board-level repair, please hand it in with the original screen already disassembled but packaged with the lower half as it cuts down on our time needing to do diagnostics/repair work. If this request isn’t adhered to we will append a minimum general labour fee of R300.00 per tablet (on the quote/invoice) sent in fully assembled by a wholesale customer.  




1.       We will repair the existing motherboard for a flat-rate fee in 3-10 business days. The customer pays the repair fee only if we manage to fix your system’s problem.

2.       Motherboard problems are caused by physical damage, age, overheating and liquid spills. Our success rate is incredibly high and our technicians have experience in solving the following: system does not turn on; does not stay on long; does not take a charge; has no back-light but you see a dimmed image to name but a few technical glitches.

3.    We offer professional solutions across many consumer electronic devices with a “return to base” 90 day warranty. We offer a 90 day warranty but often help Customers beyond the initial repair warranty as much as we can. We do not operate our business on bottom feeding practices at all!

4.       We do not snatch parts! We stock most parts needed to make repair of your device possible and do not salvage usable spares from your un-fixable system prior to return – we adhere to ethical business practices only.

5.       We accept walk-in as well as mail-in customers from Gauteng and the rest of South Africa. We have many satisfied customers from neighbouring states as well.

6.       We use parts from the original manufacturers! Most parts on your motherboard are readily available and we use legitimate local and international suppliers for all repairs.