Screen Repair

The Essential Points

  1. “Original” screens are those containing LCDs manufactured for Apple, Samsung or Huawei. “Copy” screens are compatible replacements entirely designed and manufactured by third-party companies not associated with Apple, Samsung or Huawei.
  2. We always advise our customers to go for the original screen. The difference in price is generally small, but the quality is far better.
  3. Many other repair centres don’t offer the choice, but aren’t clear about the fact they’re using copy screens. Some will simply lie about this.
  4. We believe in honest business practices, so we offer two types of phone screen repair: original screens or high quality copy/generic screens. We understand that customers want a choice as per their personal budget and preference. The screen choice is only for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series smartphones.
  5. The pricing below is all inclusive: part(s) and labour. If customers require same-day or next-day turnaround, please note that our “rush repair” fee of R490.00 is applicable and payable upfront. Glass-only repair, which is a labour intensive process, does not qualify for a “rush repair” service.
  6. Alternatively, we can also do glass-only repair on select iPhone & Galaxy series phones. Glass-only repair is replacing the cracked glass on a phone where the touch still functions the display below the top glass works 100% (phone boots up fine but the screen has multiple cracks). If the phone has graphical lines across the display or boots up with no display but has sound then a full screen replacement not a glass-only repair is needed. Please send us an e-mail to for further info.


Apple iPhone:

11 Pro Max

Original = R6495.00

11 Pro

Original = R5995.00


Original = R4995.00

XS Max

Original = R6495.00

HQ Generic = R5495.00


Original = R6095.00

HQ Generic = R5095.00


Original = R4195.00

HQ Generic = R3195.00


Original = R5495.00

HQ Generic = R3095.00

8 Plus

Original = R3995.00

HQ Generic = R2995.00


Original = R3495.00

HQ Generic = R1995.00

7 Plus

Original = R3695.00

HQ Generic = R1895.00


Original = R2995.00

HQ Generic = R1595.00

6S Plus

Original = R2795.00

HQ Generic = R1495.00


Original = R2695.00

HQ Generic = R995.00



Huawei P9 Lite = R1395.00

Huawei P9 = R1695.00

Huawei P10 Lite = R895.00

Huawei P10 = R1795.00

Huawei P10 Plus = R1895.00

Huawei P20 Lite = R1295.00

Huawei P20 = R1995.00

Huawei P20 Pro = R2595.00

Huawei P30 Lite = R1295.00

Huawei P30 = R2395.00

Huawei P30 Pro = R3495.00

Huawei Nova = R995.00

Huawei P-Smart (2018+) = from R1095.00

Hauwei Mate (9/S/etc) = from R995.00


Samsung Galaxy A20 = R1595.00

Samsung Galaxy A30 = R1695.00

Samsung Galaxy A70 = R2295.00

Samsung Galaxy S8 = R2895.00

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus = R4195.00

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 = R4395.00

Samsung Galaxy S9 = R3495.00

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 = R4295.00

Samsung Galaxy S10 = R4495.00

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus = R4995.00 


Apple iPad = R695.00

Apple iPad 2 = R795.00

Apple iPad 3 = R895.00

Apple iPad 4 = R995.00

Apple iPad 5 = R1195.00

Apple iPad 6 = R1895.00

Apple iPad Mini = R995.00

Apple iPad Mini 2 = R1095.00

Apple iPad Mini 3 = R1695.00

Apple iPad Mini 4 = R3995.00

Apple iPad Air = R1195.00

Apple iPad Air 2 = R5195.00

Apple iPad Pro 9.7″ = R5995.00

Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ = R5895.00

Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ (1st Gen) = R6995.00


Windows laptop/MacBook/iMac screens; Samsung Galaxy tablets plus Huawei MediaPad screens are subject to an estimate. 

We do replace Apple Watch screens subject to local stock availability.

Please send an e-mail with your model to

All standard repairs carry a 90 day warranty | Prices are subject to change (due to R/$ exchange)

Please note that due to the current national lock-down level we cannot source spares from overseas and are reliant on local suppliers only.