hard disk drive repair & data recovery


HDD data recovery

We can extract information from these types of media:


Laptop Hard Drives

Desktop Hard Drives

External Hard Drives


The prices below are for IDE & SATA hard drives (which is what most consumers require data recovery of). If you require SSD hard drive data recovery then please be aware that it is a higher fee.


What are the rates?


Giving a prices without seeing the device or assessing its condition is impossible. Everyone feels better having some basic idea of what things may cost, so for a general idea, see below:


Level 1 recovery = R945.00

Level 2 recovery = R1645.00

Level 3 recovery = R2445.00


The above mentioned prices exclude a destination storage device, which is an additional fee, or provide us with a destination storage device that is equal to or larger in capacity to the damaged hard drive you send in to us. Meaning, if your damaged hard drive is 1 terabyte (1TB) in size, you will need to provide or pay for aforementioned hard drive. For ease of use, we recommend an external hard drive as a destination storage device.


Furthermore, we charge an evaluation fee for all hard drives sent to us for data recovery (R550.00) which is due once we can confirm that the data from the failed/failing HDD can be recovered successfully.


Once we have assessed the damaged hard drive, we will send you a final quote for approval via e-mail. Once we’ve completed the service you will then receive an invoice for job payment (which is our service fee only or service fee + destination storage device).


Please note that data recovery requires a minimum of 3-5 business days due to the amount of time that dumping the readable data takes off of your faulty HDD and creation of an image ready for transfer to a destination storage device. Secondly, we only do data recovery jobs during normal working hours and at this stage do not offer 24 hour or “rush” service.

Now you might ask “what do you assess?”… Hard drives may have simple software corruption, bad sectors, a firmware issue, bad heads, or platter damage which is why we have graded it in level 1-3 data recovery. We at this stage do not recovery data from fire or liquid damaged hard drives.


If we cannot recovery any data (which is rare), then you do not pay. See it as NO DATA / NO FEE!


At a later stage we will offer data recovery for other devices (watch this space)


Please note that due to the current national lock-down level we cannot source spares from overseas and are reliant on local suppliers only.